Award Time
There is been a few awards which I received earlier, I couldn't post it immediately, sorry friends for the delay. Every time when I receive a award it makes me feel so excited and motivated. Thank you everyone for passing me these awards and showing your love and support.
Sister Jaleela have passed me the following awards
Super Chef Blogger Award by Sister Jaleela, Thank you sister for passing me this award.

Outstanding Blogger Award by sister Jaleela, Thank you sister for passing me this award.

Best Blog Award by sister Jaleela, Thank you sister for passing me this award.
Please don't forget to visit her blog to check all her mouthwatering recipes.
A Thank you card by Akila for participating in CID event. Thank you Akila for giving this card, do check her blog for all her creative recipes.
Again a Thank you card by Akheela of Torview for participating in her cold dessert event. Thank you Akheela for this beautiful card. Check her blog for all mouthwatering recipes , there is also a giveaway going on in her blog , don't miss it.
A Thank you card by Sara of Sara's Corner for participating in her Monthly Mingle- Party Treats. Thank you Sara for this lovely looking card.

Amrita Kalyani of AK's Vegetarian Recipes has passed me these awards, Thank you so much Amrita for passing me these awards.Do check her blog for her yummy recipes.

Next Innovative Chef Award by Niloufer of Kitchen Samraj for participating in her Soccer Mania event. Thank you so much Niloufer for giving me this great award.
This award comes with a rule, I need to pass this award to 5 other fellow bloggers, so I pass this to

  1. Suhaina of My Singapore Kitchen
  2. Nithu Bala of Nithu's Kitchen
  3. Menaga of Sashiga
  4. Kamalika of Silence Sings
  5. Ananda of A Pinch Of Love.
Do visit all their blogs individually for all their creative recipes and beautiful photographs.

Thank you dear fellow bloggers for showering me with this all lovely awards and cards, your motivation keeps me blogging....

Exciting Awards
This was really exciting for me. Menaga  was so kind enough to pass me some of her fabulous awards. When i first saw this i was really overwhelmed with happiness. Thank you Menaga for passing these awards. Menaga is a brilliant food blogger, her innovative recipes flows like a non stop stream. Her recipes are innovative and healthy, to check out all her delicious and healthy recipes please click here.
Here comes the fabulous awards she passed me:

I'm not going to limit this award to one or three so I want to share these awards with all my fellow bloggers, please accept it from me.

Versatile Blogger Award

I'm overwhelmed in joy now, lots of awards going around in blog and  i too have got some :-)  Neetz of Kitchen Express and Akheela of Torview was kind enough to pass me this award. Neetz is a lovely person with lots of yummy recipes in her blog, i  enjoy reading her comments. If you haven't visited her blog so far, don't delay any more do check it now. Next Akheela of Torview is also very sweet, just now i saw one of her spicy curry which is still running in my mind... do check out all her yummy and traditional recipes. There is also two events going on  in her blog, don't forget to check it out.

According to this award, i have to share 7 things about myself and pass this to 15 friends whom i want to.
So 7 things about myself:
1. Belief in 1 God
2. Day Of Judgement( which i fear the most)
3. Trying to be a dutiful wife, mother and a daughter
4. Trying to do something good to others ( atleat to the minimum level which i can)
5. Like to vist spectacular natural beauties
6. Interested in cooking
7. And now recently blogging, chatting.....

15 persons whom i like to pass this award not in any.Oc order:
15. Satrupa
I wish I could pass it all the sweet bloggers whom i know but this time only 15 are allowed for me. Please do pass it 15 of your favourite bloggers.

Happy moments with some awards

Whenever i see some comments it makes me feel so happy, i love reading each single comment. I have to thank my blogger friends for constantly encouraging me and making me feel good by their kind words.
This  is one of the happy moments which makes me jump up to the sky. Suja of Kitchen Corner has passed me  these two awards

Thank you so much Suja for remembering me and kindly passing me these awards, that's so sweet of you. To check out all her mouthwatering recipes click here.
Deepa of Hamaree Rasoi has also passed me two awards. That's so sweet of you Deepa for remembering me and passing these awards, thank you so much , it means a lot to me. To check out all her creative, mouthwatering recipes click here.

Nithu of Nithu's kitchen conducted a guessing game, she awarded me for guessing about her event. To check out all her mouthwatering recipes and her wonderful event details please click here.
Thanks a lot Nithu for giving me this award. Her guessing game was really an interesting one and an interesting way of annoucing an event.

Hello Everyone i'm back after a short break with a big smile and an award . Az of Desi Zayeka has passed me an award. Thank you very much Az, it  really means a lot to me. This is the first ever award i'm receiving .
Desi Zayeka has lots of mouthwatering Indian recipes and a few interesting articles too. To check out her lovely blog please click here.According to the award i have to post one of my favourite pictures and pass this award to my fellow bloggers.I pass this award to Manju,Sushma mallyaPrani's kitchenSathyaSailaja,Priya,Menaga , Mamatkamal and all my fellow bloggers who encourage me with their lovely comments. I think the names which i have mentioned might have received this award earlier, please kindly accept it from me again. I really want to mention all the names who inspire me and encourage me a lot.

This is my favourite picture at the moment, the picture may not look so good or something spectacular, but this house carries lots and lots of  memories for me. I had my most precious moments in this house.
I would like to thank once again Az for  kindly passing me on this award.

Next Sanyukta of  Creative Sanyukta has passed me on her Thank you card. On the ocassion of her award she has kindly passed  this beautifully created Thank you card to all her fellow bloggers. Creative Sanyukta the name of her blog is just like her recipes and presentation. Her recipes looks great, it's like an work of art in the plate. I have no idea how she is able to come with such creations. She is a women of creative recipes.
To check out all her creative and lovely recipes please click here.
Below is her beautifully presented Thank you card.

Thank you again Az and Sanyukta.
I also like to congratulate the winners of FFSL


Shobha said...

Congrats for all the Awards...
Well deserved!
There is an Award from Food Mazaa in my blog post - AWARD FOR ALL MY FRIENDS.
You also can see it in the side bar of my blog.Please collect it.

Lady (Go)diva !!! said...

I sent u an award :) pls accept it :) its in my awards page n i have linked u :)

Mrs.Ahmed said...

There is an Award is waiting for you :)
Grab your award

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