Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Microwave milk peda

This is a very easy way to make simple and delicious sweet within minutes with

less effort which u can find it many blogspot if anybody haven't tried so far , you

are missing something.


Milk powder- 2 cups( 450 gm)

Condensed milk- 1 can ( 397 gm)

Butter- 100 gm

Any flavouring which you like

Almonds and pistachios to decorate


1. Melt the butter.

2. Add the condensed milk, milk powder and flavouring and mix well.

3. Keep it in the microwave for 1 min take it out and stir well.

4. Again for 1 min take it out and stir well.

5. Finally for 1 min and stir well. Pour it in a plate garnish and cut it into squares.

1 comment:

kanthi said...

looking yummy,will try this without fail,and come with results very soon


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