Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eat Well Live Well, New Monthly event with a giveaway offer from CSN

I'm very happy to announce my new monthly event Eat Well Live Well with a giveaway offer from CSN stores. Before going to in about the event details let me first start with a giveaway. CSN stores is a very popular online shopping site which has more than 200 online stores. You can find anything whatever you need like a royal looking dinner set, stylish handbags or a nice barstool, bakeware, cookware, home decor, lighting etc...
All in one place with different price ranges, CSN offers a very good quality of products.
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You can find everything in one place from kitchen utensils, dinnerware, bags and suitcase, home decor, furniture's etc.... To see all the products from CSN click here.

To enter the giveaway:
1. You have to submit a recipe for the event, you can see the details of the event below. Along with the recipe post, check the CSN site and give a link of the product which you like the most.
2. The giveaway is open to visitors only from US, Canada, Germany and UK, the event is open to everyone around the world.
3.One lucky winner will be chosen to receive $ 50 gift certificate for US or Canada, £ 35 gift voucher for UK or 40 euros gift voucher for Germany.
4. The event starts from Oct 17th and ends by Nov 30th

Next coming to the event..
EAT WELL LIVE WELL: Heart Friendly Recipes

I'm happy to announce this new  Eat Well Live Well event. This is not going to be every month, it might be every two months or 45 days once, it just depends upon my time constraints. I know there are lots and lots of event going on, sometimes I miss a few events. What I think is more events, more fun, more good food. This event is particularly aimed at healthy eating. Almost all the events which we have are aimed at healthy life style of food, but for this one I have decided to take some health related theme for each series. As long as we have something we always take it from granted, and once the moments we start loosing them we deeply regret for not taking care. This happens with everything like in our relationship, any thing, job, food, house, health etc....
 Technology has improved so much and the disease are also keep increasing inspite of all healthy life style which we try to adapt.
When we lose our health we lose almost everything, there is nothing can be more stressful when we are unable to do our own basic needs. The key or main important thing to maintain a good health is food.... Not just food, what we eat, when we eat are the most important. If you have a very good, perfect and healthy lunch and skip your breakfast and dinner doesn't help you maintain a good health.
Along with good food you should also have proper eating habits without skipping any of your meals. No matter how busy you are, take time to sit, relax and enjoy your every meal. I know it may not be possible if you are overloaded with work, but still you can try. If you have to spend some extra money for your good food, if it's affordable for you, without having a second thought, spend the money and have good food.
Right now coming to our first series of  Eat Well Live Well, I have chosen Heart Friendly Recipes as the theme.To keep your heart healthy along with good eating habit, you should also have good exercise and stress free.
To have a good diet you should know about the food groups, some of the foods you need more and some very less.
Fruits and vegetables has to be your first third of your diet.
Starchy Food has to be next third like rice, bread, pasta etc... use wholemeal as much as possible.
Protein should be the final third like meat, eggs, fish and other dairy products
High fat and sugar should be in very less amount.

Eat atleast two portions of oily fish every week to maintain a healthy heart.
Cut down the saturated fats like butter, margarine, coconut oil etc and replace it with unsaturated fats like olive oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil or soya oil, doesn't mean that you can eat chicken deep fried in olive oil.
Try to grill instead of frying.
Salt is one of the major cause of heart disease, cut down your salt level as much as possible.

Prevention is always better than cure, make a few changes to your life style to maintain a health heart. So come join with me and cook heart friendly recipes to care for you and your family, and share it with this event to help others to maintain a healthy diet.

The above all information regarding heart healthy diet is from British Heart Foundation, read more from here.

A few rules for the event:
1. Prepare a heart friendly food from now till Nov 30th and post it in your blog. Avoid red meat, saturated fats completely. As always recipes using pork and alcohol are not allowed. 
2. To enter the giveaway give a link about the product from CSN in your post.
3. If you are not from US, Canada, UK or Germany you don't have to give a link.
4. You can also send some informative articles regarding heart disease or diet along with the source of the article.
5. Give a link about this event announcement along with the logo in your post. You can send as many recipes as you wish. Archived entries are also more than welcome.
6.Email me recipe at with the following details:
Recipe name and Url:
Picture of the dish:
7. Non bloggers mail me your full recipe along with the picture to the above mail id.

The deadline is December 15th, hurry and send me your recipes soon to win the giveaway.

Any suggestions, concerns or comments are more than welcome. So come let's cook some heart healthy food and share it with our friend's and family. I hope I get a good response from all dear bloggers as always..


Jayanthy Kumaran said...

wow...very interesting event...happy hosting sending my entries soon ...

Tasty Appetite

Suhaina said...

wow.. this is something very excting.. wonderful event and nice give count me in dear.

Aparna S Mallya said...

Definitely a wonderful event. I'm going to participate. And thanks for not asking us to 'follow' your blog or 'like' you on facebook etc etc :).

Asiya Omar said...


Gayathri Kumar said...

Happy hosting and I am sure to send an entry

Priya Suresh said...

Fabulous event, will send my enties for the sure..

kitchen flavours said...

Just dropping in to say thank you for your visit! It is really nice of you. You have a lovely site here! Interesting events! Will be visiting you again soon. Have a nice day!

Torviewtoronto said...

lovely event well said

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) said...

hearty event dear..wil surely particiapte...nowadays travelling a lot so nt able to post on my blog...once settled wil send u my entries...and wil catch up with ur mouthwatering posts too..
tc...count me in..wonderful thought for the event...great

Nisa Homey said...

Hi I am first time here....happy hosting....will send an entry soon.

sneh said...

hey, this is a great event. will sure send something :)

Steve P. said...

This seems like a really great event and looks great. I will be sending my entries soon.

Recently I have been all over the place with everything, but I am sure I will find time. I actually have been using a food diary to keep track of what I have been eating and it has made my life a little easier.

Interesting Event, I am sure to be back soon. Thanks

Mehnaz Kapadia said...

Askmw Wr wb Ayeesha,

Just sent u my article entry to this event :)

Jazakallahu khaira

Mehnaz Kapadia said...

Askm wr wb Ayeesha,

Just sent my recipe entry to ur mail for this event! :)

Jazakallahu Khaira

Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by and I'm enjoying reading your blog. I'll be poking around for a while, but wanted to stop and say I agree with eating well and taking the time to stop to eat (I have a page and post talking about that!). We really changed our eating habits after my daughter was diagnosed with a kidney disease, not that we ate badly, but now, food is very important to our lives. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

interesting event i have send my entry :) more to come soon

Anonymous said...

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