Monday, December 6, 2010

Bread Baking Day # 35 - Breads with Dry Fruits : Event Announcement

I'm in immense pleasure to host bbd # 35 in my blog. Bread Baking Day was originally created by Zorra of Kochtopf , in which every month under a specific theme we bake bread. This is the successful 35th series of bread baking day. Zorra also hosts World bread day every year in which you can find extraordinarily different and lovely breads from all over the world.
   I have been following this bread baking day for a long time and spend hours in going through all the recipes. I never thought I'll be hosting this event, to be honest I never thought I can bake breads. Thank you Zorra for giving me this golden opportunity.
 Last month bread baking day 34 was hosted by Zesty South Indian Kitchen with Breads with grains as the theme. You can check out the last month roundup from here. This month being festive season for most of the people, I have chosen breads with dry fruits as theme. I'm sure everybody will be busy baking in this season for your friends and family, happily bake it with lots of love and don't forget to send it bbd# 35. 
Here are few breads baked by me using dry fruits
Fruit and Nut Tea Ring

Hazelnut Bread

For more recipe refer the previous bread baking events from here
Criteria for the event:
1. Create any yeasted bread with dry fruits .
2. Post it in your blog from now till Jan 1st 2011, link to this announcement page and Zorra's announcement page.
3. Please include the logo in your recipe.
4. There is no limit to the number of entries, you can send as many entries as possible.
5. Your recipe has to typed in English please.
6. I request you not to send any recipes with alcohol.
7.Mail the following details at
    Name of your blog:
    Recipe Name and Url:
    Picture re sized to 300 px
8. Non bloggers can also participate in this event, mail me your full recipe with a image of your recipe to

If you have any doubts or concerns feel free to leave your comment below this post.


Priya Suresh said...

Happy hosting, will send my entry soon..

Pavani said...

healthy n nice event dear count me too in it..

Binys Recipes said...

Baking is omethg i am not very gud at but will surely try to do somethg for u....thx.

Sanjeeta kk said...

Would love to be a part of bread baking with dry fruits. Best wishes.

Kitchen Boffin said...

would love to participate in the event.. by the way you have an award waiting for you in my blog!do come and collect it..

suma said...

Wonderful event, would love to send my entries Ayesha!

saritha said...

nice event, happy hosting...

Suja Manoj said...

Nice event dear..happy hosting.

Lien said...

Wonderful theme for this month, looking forward in baking! THanks for hosting this month.

Palmira said...

very nice idea for christmas time ! I have an idea for you, just have to bake it !

veena said...

Hi Ayeesha
just sent in my entry. Hope you have received my mail

Lien said...

just send in my entry, let me know if it doesn't arrive. THanks

Judy said...

Just sent in my entry. Hope it arrives. Thanks for hosting.


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