Monday, January 31, 2011

Any One Can Cook : Series 14

Hi Everyone,
     Last week I was happy to see lots of enthusiastic bloggers in Any One can Cook.  Thank everyone for participating in Any One Can Cook .   The success of this depends upon all the bloggers who come forward to submit your recipes, which will help so many budding cooks from around the world.  Looking forward to more enthusiastic support this week.
If you are new reader to this blog you can view the event details here.

Just remember a few rules before linking your recipe, your recipe should fall under any one of the following categories. When you are linking your recipe here, please give the short form as I have mentioned to make it easy for the readers. If your recipe falls under any of the two categories or all the three categories also you can mention it.  When you are linking if you forget to give the short form don't worry, no problem about that.
For Beginners- FB
With Less Ingredients- WLI
With Minimum amount of time- WMT

Archived recipes can be sent just by giving a link to the event in your post. 
If you find any trouble in linking your recipe please mail me your recipe link
Also don't forget to check out my blogging buddies in the marathon Srivalli, RevaMonika, Priya Suresh, PJPriya Vaasu, JayAzeema , Soumya.and Gayathri.


Mary Bergfeld said...

I'm really looking forward to the recipes that are entered here. This is a wonderful idea and I'm sure this will be a really successful event. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Kankana said...

Great event! Posted a very simple dish .. hope you will like it :)

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

Very interesting event...will post my entry soon..
Tasty appetite

Archana said...

I posted a recipe. Please let me know if I have to do something more as I am quite unsure of the rules and the basic in this matter. Thanks.


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