Sunday, February 13, 2011

Any One Can Cook Rules Changed

Hi Everyone,
  Any One Can Cook rules changes from this week onwards.  In future there will not be any linky tool available in  Taste Of Pearl City.  I have lost all the previous serious, I'm still trying to recover that.  So from this week onwards the only rule change is no linky tool, the remaining rules are just the same.
If you are a new reader to this blog, check the event rules here.
Without any  linky tools we'll miss a small part of fun in this event,  but still I hope the main aim of the event will be achieved i.e. to make cooking easier.

So let's see how the event is going to work without linky,
1. Prepare any recipe which suits the event
2. Mail me your recipe url  to
3. You can mail your recipes from Monday- Thursday, if you send me your recipe after Thursday I'll include your recipe to the next week roundup.
4. Everyweek the roundup will be on Friday.
5. View the event rules here.
I hope I'll get the same support from  all our fellow bloggers  as always and my apologies for loosing all the previous series.  I'm still trying to recover that. So what's next - make cooking easier and mail me your recipe url, which is going to help budding cooks to busy cooks.


Plateful said...

Thanks so much Ayeesha, for your time and efforts in running this weekly event. You are priceless! I've just posted a recipe and I'm gonna link it to Anyone can cook.

Satya said...

noted the changes and will sure try to send in an entry every week.

Asiya Omar said...

really great work!continue..

Bizzy said...

I am sorry about the Linky problem. This is much more work for you. Thanks for doing it. You have such wonderful recipes and collections on your blog.


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