Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thoughts to munch on - Healthy Morsels

Dear Foodies,

This is a quick and short post to thank you all for the support which you give for our group event Healthy Morsels. We are really happy and excited to see all the entries flowing in this short period, so thank you again.  We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you about our humble group which we have created in Facebook.  Earlier in our announcement post,we have given a small note about our Facebook page, Healthy Morsels- Food Blogger's Event.  This page has now been transformed into a group with the same name as Healthy Morsels- Food Blogger's Event.

The core theme of this group is to have many interactive sessions among both bloggers and non bloggers. The discussions would be related to the current theme of the event.  We would like to invite you all to Healthy Morsels group, join in our discussions and share the knowledge with us. Please visit our group by clicking the link here and let's start our healthy interactions from here... Feel free to also invite your elderly family members and friends to our group, so that they can also benefit by participating in the discussions and sharing their thoughts and wisdom.

A kind request: Bloggers please do not post any recipes in the Facebook group. You can continue to link your entries for the event, as always, in the Linky given in our blogs. Non-bloggers are welcome to post their recipes related to the theme in the Facebook group page.

Looking forward to your continued support and encouragement....

Healthy Morsels Team


Unknown said...

wow awesome dear...

Asiya Omar said...

Very nice to see this post.Really a Great Event.Thanks Healthy morsels.

Blackswan said...

Hey Umm, been a while since we last visited each other, so I'm really happy to see the above. Just in time, as if I could smell something's going on here! Hahaha!

Well, I'm your new fan at your FB group now :) Can't wait to see what's installed.

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