Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Any One Can Cook: Series 47

Hello Foodies,

This is our 47th succesful series.  I would like to thank everyone for making this event as a successful series.  As I already said there are only few more weeks left for voting, so if you haven't entered this event so far, still it's not too late, you can now.  If you are not sure what's going on here or interested to know more about the event click here and here.
Coming to the selected recipes from last week series:
Yummy Shrimp Omlette by Shirley's Luxury Haven.

Cornflakes mixture by Variety is the very spice of life

Crispy and Tangy Tofu by Foodeterian

Thank you again everyone for linking your recipes and making this event a successful one, looking forward to more participation in the oncoming weeks.  If you would like to get featured in this event, link your recipes which suits the event in the link given below.  If you find any trouble in linking your recipes, mail me your recipe link to ayeesha.riaz@googlemail.com


Blackswan said...

Hey Umm, thks for the feature! So glad my Omelette caught your attention! Yipee!

preethiDhinesh said...

Have linked mine

Unknown said...

Nice blog and glad to follow you.. entering and linking on any one can cook event..

Check out my blog at your spare time


Event:Bake Delicious Muffins

kala said...

The title itself got me hooked and yummyy collection of recipes

kala said...

The title itself got me hooked and yummyy collection of recipes

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

awesome collection of recipes...:)
Tasty Appetite

Emily Malloy said...

What a great compilation of recipes!

Resh said...

hi...I have an award waiting for u at my site...do come by ;)

Anzz said...

Loved the cornflakes mixture. :) a good idea to finish off the packets in my cupboard..!

asiyao said...

You have been tagged, check this.


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