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Healthy Morsels- Baby and Toddler Food Roundup

Dear Food Bloggers,

We, Healthy Morsels Team is really happy to get connected with you all through this roundup after a long gap. Our sincere apologies for the delay in the roundup, due to unavoidable circumstances we postponed this roundup for a few weeks. We are nowhere to thank everyone who have been with us all through this journey.

 Our Healthy Morsels began with the most excited part of every women’s life, pregnancy and then continued as one of the important responsibility of women, feeding the baby. No matter whether she has one kid or five kids, every mum cares and takes responsibility for every single food which a baby intake. As we all know the first food and the food which is given in the early years for a baby or toddler plays an important role with the health of the baby.
Our wonderful food bloggers and experienced mums have shared some of their fantastic recipes and useful tips with us. Please don’t forget to go through all the recipes which we received for the event. We hope that these recipes will be a treat to your baby and toddler and it’ll also make life easier for all new mums.To view all the entries for Healthy Morsels- Baby and Toddler food click here.
We would like thank again to each and everyone who supported us through this event and making it a grand success. We sincerely hope that we would receive the same support and enthusiastic participation in our future events too. Every single contribution lies behind the success of this event. As a token of appreciation and to express our gratitude we would like give this badge to all the participants of Healthy Morsels- Baby and Toddler food. Please accept our heartfelt thanks by collecting this badge.

We would also like to thank our non blogger friends, who was kind enough to share their recipes with us.
 Souha has send us a rich creamy dessert Keskul and here she explains the recipe to us


 Keshkul (KEŞKÜL) is a Turkish dessert made of milk ,rise flour , corn starch and almonds these are the main ingredients, some Turkish people add one egg yolk others don’t but this recipe has more rich flavor because off apple and cinnamon I think this recipe is suitable for Baby and Toddler .

 1/3 cup ground almonds
 4 cups milk (1 liter)
 4 tablespoons granulated sugar
 3 tablespoons rice flour
 1 tablespoon of corn starch
5 apples
½ cup granulated sugar
½ cinnamon

 Preparation :
1-Peel the apples, Put in a pan , add sugar put the lid on and cook apples with its own water on a low heat when it is semi cooked add cinnamon continue cooking with the lid off until tender put aside to cool .
2 -Put the milk in a dip saucepan , Add powdered sugar , rice flour and corn starch and cook until the consistency is thick ,add ground almonds, stir well .
3 –put half of the cooked apples in 4 serving pots pour the pudding let to cool completely ,decorate with the rest of apples .

 Thank you Souha  for coming up with this delicious recipes

"Please check out some useful tips from a mom who took time and effort to document her still fresh experience with her darling daughter even after 12 yrs ! A special thanks to you Fathima for contributing to this event. We are sure your daughter would love to read this to her little ones in the future :) " A special thanks to Jemini for her contributions by sending many recipes like Mung Bean Porridge, Sweet Ragi Kazhi, etc. Also, check out some of her tips Feeding your baby."

 Now , the most awaited moment to see the nominees for Healthy Morsels- Baby and Toddler Food. It was really a tough job to select only 3 out of 80 beautiful entries.
We have nailed it to 3, based on the following
* the close relevance to the theme Baby and Toddler food
* bringing out the nutritional benefits in the posts and finally,
* the number of entries contributed.
Our three nominees are Swasthi, The Health Freak has really wowed us with her eye catchy recipes, her recipes will definitely glue your kids to their seat.
Carom Flavoured Potato Rice

As a token  of appreciation from the Healthy Morsels team, she is getting this

 Jaleela Kamal shared with us many yummy recipes and some useful tips too, which would be definitely handy for all mums.
 Ginger Syrup for Cold

As a token of appreciation from the Healthy Morsels Team, she is getting this

 Finally Asiya Omar , who came up with wholesome and healthy ideas.
Banana Curd Rice

 As a token of appreciation from the Healthy Morsels Team, she is getting this
 Congratulations ladies and thank you for sharing your recipes and tips with us.  Once again on behalf of our Healthy Morsels Team, we would like to thank everyone for making this event a successful one and we would love to have your support all through this journey.
Healthy Morsels is taking a break in Ramdhan, we'll continue the journey after Eid with a new theme.


R.Punitha said...

Hi ,

Round up Looks nice !!!

Neat presentation :)

Keep up this good work...

R.Punitha said...

Hi ,

Round up Looks nice !!!

Neat presentation :)

Keep up this good work...

Rashida Shaikh said...

Wow…Lovely Roundup and happy Ramadan to you…

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Awesome Roundup....


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Thanks for once again selecting me for your token appreciation award for my Ginger Juice recipe.

Nice presentation
Ramadan kareem

Asiya Omar said...

Ramadan Kareem to you all.Thanks again for selecting my recipe and the token of appreciation.

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