Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chicken Tagliatelle

Tagiatally- 6 swirls
Chicken Stock-1/2 cup
Green pepper-1/2
Milk-1 tbsp
Boneless Chicken-100 gm
Freshly ground black pepper- 1 tsp
Salt-as required
Oil-1 tbsp
Heat the oil in a pan, in another pan start boiling water. Mince the chicken or cut into very small pieces and fry it in oil, when the chicken is cooked add the chopped leeks to the chicken and sort it for a while. Meanwhile add the tagiatally to the boiling water.Now add the stock to the chicken and leeks after some time add the milk and flour and stir it well. When the tagiatally is cooked add it to the stock mixture and toss the sauce well.Finally add the green pepper,salt and pepper.
Mix it well, serve it hot with some grated parmaesan cheese on top.
For vegetarian option leave the chicken and chicken stock, instead use vegetable stock and mushroom.
Always try to use fresh homemade stock which gives lots of flavour.
This recipe serves two.

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