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Iftar Moments Hijri 1431: Roundup 1

Hello Dear Food Bloggers and Non bloggers,

 Finally the most awaited Iftar Moments Hijri 1431 roundup is online. I'm more than happy to post this Iftar Roundup in the blessed month of Ramadhan. Today is the first day of Ramadhan in most parts of the world may be in few parts of the world it might be tomorrow. 
 When I first started this event I had some concerns, since I have been blogging only for the past few months, I had a doubt that how am I going to receive entries. But with the love and support of all my fellow bloggers I received more than 200 entries which I consider as a grand success of the event. I definitely couldn't have done this  without the support from you all. My special thanks to each and everyone who accepted my request and send the entries for the event. I would like to thank NithuBala specially who has send her maximum number of entries with all her delicasies, also I would like to thank Reshmi Ahmed, Priya Mitharwal, Priya, Sanyukta, Fajeeda, Akheela, Jay, Krishnaveni and Kiran who has send more number of entries. If I haven't mentioned your name, I'm sorry each and everyone who managed to send their entry are really special to me.
  Every year before Ramadhan starts I used to sit and write a 30 day menu with starter, maincourse and dessert. This time I thought I'll host this as a event, to collect various types of recipes so that it'll be helpful for Muslims all over the world. Without any dissappointment I received 60 maincourse and sweets. So apart from planning the 30 day menu, I have also decided to have few Party Iftar Menu also for few menu plan for Suhoor.
  Yesterday when I was sitting all alone to prepare for the roundup in the night, my husband was really kind enough, he came forward and helped me a lot in this roundup. I almost pushed the majority of work to him, so my special thanks to my husband also.
  Next coming to the roundup, from all the lovely entries which I have received I tried to create  menu with starter, main and dessert. Normally for Iftar immediately after breaking fast we used to have some fruits , juices and soup , so in the starter I have include juices and fruits salad. Please don't get confused. To make it easy to read I have also reduced the size of the images which might have affected the quality of your pictures, please bare with me for that. If your recipes are not in this first set of roundup, please don't worry, it might be in the oncoming roundups. If your recipes are not  in  any of the roundup please let me know immediately.
  The lucky winner of Iftar Moments Hijri 1431 with 50 dollars worth gift will be announced at the end of all the roundups.
 Now is the array of menu with all exotic collection of recipes. This is the first set of roundup for first ten days .

Day 1

Starter - Nonbu kanji
by Niloufer
Starter - Crispy
Veggie Sago Vadai

by Niloufer
Main - Kancheepuram

by Nithu
Main - Chicken Curry
by Usha
Dessert - Almond
Vermicelli Kheer

by Veena
Nonbu Kanji is a type of porridge or soup which is very popular in SouthIndia especially during Ramadhan.
Sago Vadai is again a South Indian savoury doughnuts made with Urad dhal, this one is particularly special since the addition of sago makes it more crispiy.
Idli is again a staple South Indian Food, made with a batter of rice and lentils which is allowed to ferment naturally. These steamed rice cakes are very light dinner after Iftar.
To accomapany the Idli is  the chicken curry which doesn't need any introduction, since Indian Hotels in the west have made them very popular.
Finish off your meal  with cooling and soothing dessert Kheer which also dosen't need any introduction since it's very popular.

Day 2
Starter - Chukku Kanji
by Fathima
Starter - Vegetable Chop
by Aipi
Main - Saunfwali
Malai Rot
by Rahin
Main - Sinhalese Egg

by Denny
Dessert - Paal Payasam
by Priya Srinivasan
Day 2 we are again starting of with a Chukku kanji  which is a very light starter, this special kanji made with chukku( dry ginger) is also good for digestion.
To accompany this light kanji we have Vegetable chop made with all healthy vegetables and breadcrumbs.
For main Malai roti made with cream which gives a very soft texture with the creamy, mild Sinhalese Egg Curry.
For dessert again Payasam which is a South Indian Kheer made vermicilli  or rice, which is a perfect way to finish off the meal.

Day 3
Starter - Red Lentil

by Reshmi Ahamed
Starter - Yoghurt stuffed

by Krishnaveni
Main - Borek
by Reshmi Ahmed
Dessert - Basboosa
by Fajeeda
Our Day 3 menu I have to say it's well Turkish Inspired Menu.
To start the meal we have a Red Lentil soup is traditionally made among Turks.
To accompany it we also have a very unique and healthy starter , Celery with fennel flavoured yogurt.
The main is again a very traditional Turkish Borek made with layers of Filo pastry or Yufkta which is filled with cheese and meat.
To finish of the meal we have this little basboosa made with semolina and drenched with syrup. These little delicate sweet can be accompanied with a Turkish tea.

Day 4
Starter - Vegetable Soup
by Fajeeda
Starter - Veg Lollipup
by Faiza
Main - Prawn and
Mint Pulav

by Priya Suresh
Beverages - Watermelon

by Kiran
To start off the meal we have a light and comforting Vegetable soup accompanied by crispy, spicy Veg lollipop which will be a great hit among the kids.
For main we have mildly spiced, Minty Prawn pulav which your taste buds will ask for more and more.
To finish of a simple and  cool Watermelon juice.

Day 5
Starter - Fish Kanji
by Asiya
Starter - Tandoori Fish

by Sanyukta
Main - Moong
Sprouts Aappam

by Umm Mymoonah
Main - Sura

by Jay
Dessert - China
Grass pudding

by Niloufer

Day 5 is full of seafood based menu, you can mix and match if you want too.
To start of the meal is a Fish Kanji, which is similar to the Nonbu Kanji made with fish.
To accompany the kanji we have a well spiced Tandoori Fish Fingers which makes your mouth waters.
For main we have Moong Sprouts Appam, appam is  a South Indian or Kerala based menu. These soft and spongy appams are made with raw rice and coconut to give a spongy and sweet taste.
To accompany this we have Sura Meen Kulambu, which is a perfect combination for appams.
To finish off the meal we have China Grass or agar agar pudding which gives a very cooling effect to your throat and your body.

Day 6
Starter - Whole Wheat
& Sprouts Kanji

by Umm Mymoonah
Starter - Cashew

by Arunas
Main - Roti n Chole
by Chaitra
Dessert - Sabudana

by Neethu
To start the meal a warm and Comforting Whole Wheat and Sprouts Kanji which has the goodness of whole wheat and sprouts.
To accompany this kanji we have a nice and cripy cashew pakoda.
For main we have Roti and Chole. Chole is cooked with chickpeas and a blend of aromatic spices.
For dessert again we have a cool milk dessert made with sago

Day 7
Starter - Kiwi
Summer Salad

by Sanyukta
Starter - Khajur
by Rahin
Main - Masala Veggi

by Sara
Main - Prawn 65
by Akila
Dessert - Sago Mango Kulfi
by Krishnaveni
Start the meal with a fresh  Kiwi Summer Salad which is rich in Iron.
And a light sweets starter Khajur.
For Main spicy Masala Veggie Pulav with this delicious plate of Prawn 65.
After this delicious meal finish off with a cooling Sago Mango Kulfi.

Day 8
Starter - Tomato
Coriander Shorba

by Nandini
Starter - Aloo-Methi
Ki Tikkiya

by Lubna
Main - Sweet Potato &
Mint Paratha

by Lavanya
Main - Paneer
Tawa Masala

by Priya
Dessert - Peaches
and Sour cream

by Krishnaveni
This meal is a complete Vegetarian Menu.
Start the meal with a Unique Tomato Coriander Shorba, a light comforting soup made with tomatoes.
To accompany this we have a spicy and beautiful looking Aloo Tikki's.
For main soft and layered  Sweet Potato and Mint paratha with the Mild spiced delicious Paneer Tawa Masala.
Finish offb the meal with the plate of Fresh peaches and sour cream.

Day 9
Starter - Watermelon
and Celery Juice

by Kiran
Starter - Baked

by Akheela
Main - Stuck Pot
Rice with Yoghurt

by Heather
Main - Palak Paneer
by Sanyukta
Dessert - Bread and
Butter Pudding

by Fajeeda
Start with the excellent combination of Watermelon and Celery juice.
We also have a Baked buns filled with fish which is a special type of buns made by Srilankans.
For main a very eye catchy Stuck Pot Rice with Mango and Yogurt  can be accompanied with a healthy palak paneer.
Finish off the meal with this lovely Bread  and Butter pudding with Butterscotch sauce.

Day 10
Starter - Almond
Tropical Lassi

by Yasmeen

Main - Veg Brown
Rice Pulav with
Baked Chicken

by Yasmeen

Beverages - Watermelon

by Yasmeen

Our final meal of this first part of the round up is the wholesome plate of Iftar Dinner with Brown rice veggie pulav with baked Chichen accompanied with Almond Tropical Lassi.
For beverages we have a  refreshing Watermelon Spritzer.

Hope you all enjoyed this first set of roundup, there are much more delicious recipes with all mouthwatering sweets are there to come in the future roundup, so stay connected.


Torviewtoronto said...

thank you for mentioning me as well
lovely menu plan have to keep coming back to try all these dishes in the roundups :)
lots of hard work
looking forward to see the rest Inshallah

Fajeeda said...

congrats dear........tht ur event is a successful one and i'm happy for being a part of it.........and lots of thanks for including my recipes..............

Vegetarian Zest said...

Congratulations for hosting this round up successfully. I couldn't take part...but would love to if you host in future.

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) said...

wow...awesome job words u hv done the menu planning so perfectly...would love to go for the 30 days menu with the delicious -mouthwatering dishes u hv sorted.feast to the eyes n belly...lovely n yumm roundup 1....can see ur patience,hardwork and effort in this ..hugs n smiles...u always rock girl..keep it up..waiitng for the second one..

Heather S-G said...

Wow, what an amazing event you've rounded up! I don't know if it's just me, but I can only see about 3 of the photos!? The rest have a little google-type image in place of the actual picture!? I'll try back a bit later to see if perhaps it's just my computer playing tricks on's been known to do that. =)

Asiya Omar said...

congrats dear.really very interesting.great work.well done!

Satya said...

wow its beautiful round up the idea of setting each days menu ...

Rahin said...

WOW ! Congratulations Ayeesha on the success of your very first event, very clever roundup with a day to day menu , thts wonderful n m sure v helpful to many...looking fwd to other parts of the roundup

Ramadan Kareem n keep us in your prayers :)

Nithu Bala said...

Umm, very lovely round up..thanks for mentioning my got a lovely husband..thanks to him too:-)

Kiran said...

Wonderful part 1 round-up.Waiting to see all the roundups.

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

Fantastic round up dear...Happy blogging..

Umm Mymoonah said...

Sorry guys there was some error the images are not displayed will correct it as soon as possible.

Krishnaveni said...

Thanks Ayeesha for this wonderful event, Happy Ramzan to all. Delicious and inviting recipes, great

Heather S-G said...

Yes, I can see all of the deeeelicious images now! What a fabulous set of menus. This was such a fantastic will be a great reference for many people!! Lovely...can't wait for the next part =)

Unknown said...

whoa !!! that is a grand success dear. Love it. Congrats. I am drooling over all recipes and great job on arranging them it that way. I cannot wait for more roundups :)

Srividhya Ravikumar said...

wonderful round up umm.. congrats..

Anonymous said...

beautiful roundup Ayeesha. very innovative to present it in menu format. Shows the effort you put in...Ramzan wishes to you dear..

Smita Srivastava said...

Beautiful n yummy roundup .. Ah i jus missed sending my entry !!!

- Smita
@Little Food Junction

Nandinis food said...

That's a wonderful roundup with loads of goodies!

Reshmi Ahmed said...

splendid job ayeesha ! u have worked really very hard all through this and Alhamdulillah the event was indeed a Grand success ! Mabruk :)

Akila said...

Lovely roundup...Eagerly waiting for the next round up....

Hamaree Rasoi said...

I can see your event is a grand success...Very nicely you have distributed the dishes..... Looking forward to see next round up.
Keep it up.
And happy Ramadan
Hamaree Rasoi

Rachana said...

Happy Ramadan to you and your family!

Awesome roundup!

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said...

Wow Ayeesha,Wonderful Menu!!!Great Job done!!! Ramadan Kareem!!!

Suja Manoj said...

Wow beautiful roundup..what a fantastic idea...looking forward to see the rest.

Lorraine said...

Congratulations on a great round up of delicous foods! I wish I could have joined in. Too many things going on for me lately.

Happy Ramadan to you and your family:)

Namitha said...

Awesome round up..I am so sorry that I couldn't send anything. As soon as we came back from India we had another vacation...all these things messed up the usual routine...sorry again

Soma Pradhan said...

Hey..Thanks very much for visiting my blog which in turn helped me trace your blog..Otherwise,how would have I knows so many Iftari Menu...I wonder if i ever would be able to make so many things..Atleast I can try some this Ramzaan..Ramzan Mubarak and Allah Hafiz

Lav said...

Awesome round up ayeesha......and a great sure you had to spend lot of time on this round up...but it has paid off too....CONGRATULATIONS !!! Keep rocking !!

Pari Vasisht said...

Great round ups dear waiting for the round3. lot of effort by u surely. see if u can join me in my event.

Pari Vasisht said...

Hi Dear,
Regarding your querry about hosting the event, check out the link-
Pls go through the schedule and feel free to mail


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