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Iftar Moments Hijri 1431: Roundup 2

  After the initial tiring days with Ramadhan, finally I managed to get the roundup 2 online. Again if I haven't mentioned earlier, since its's a Iftar menu I have included sweets and juices in the starter so please don't get confused with that. In this roundup 2 we have two Party Iftar Menu and the menu for the second 10 days.

Party Iftar Menu 1

1. Almond Milk Shake by Creative Sanyukta
2. Samosa by Mina Joshi
3.Carrot Pakora by Jay's Tasty Appetite
1.Cucumber Salad by Reshmi Ahmed of Lecker and Yummy recipes
2.Chicken Kebab by Reshmi Pillai.
3. Yakhni Briyani by Reshmi Ahmed of Lecker and Yummy recipes
1.Badam Kheer by Subashini
2. Dates roll by Neetz Kitchen

Party Iftar Menu 2

1. Almond Sujee by Suhaina of My Singapore Kitchen
2. Chicken Cutlets by Suhaina of My Singapore Kitchen
3. Dahi Sago and Soya Keema cutlet by Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
1. Idiyappam and Coconutmilk Stew by Nithu Bala of Nithu's Kitchen
2. Parota by Fajeeda
3.Chicken Chukka by Shabitha
4. Aatukal Paya by Jay's Tasty Appetite
1. Gajarka halwa by Priya Mitharwal
2. Caramel Pudding by Torview.

Menu for second 10 days:
You can mix and match the recipes according to your taste.

Day 11

Starter - Kiwi Apple
&Orange Juice
by Kiran
Starter - Paneer
by Aipi
Main - Gozleme
by Reshmi Ahmed
by Nithu Bala

To start with we have a very healthy juice with a combination of Kiwi, Apple & Orange Juice.
For starter we have Paneer Tikka,  a Indian Cottage Cheese known as paneer marinated in spicy tandoori masala and grilled in the oven which burst with flavours.
For Main we have Gozleme, a traditional Turkish food. Thin rolled dough filled with mildly spiced meat filling.
To finish of the meal we have Carrot Kheer made with carrot, milk and flavoured with saffron which would be a perfect cooling dessert.

Day 12
Starter - Soya Keema
by Menaga
Starter - Batata Vada
by Az
Main - Masala Sprouted
Moong Parathas
by Priya
Main - Lemon Coriander
by Sanyukta
Dessert - Rich Nuts and
Strawberry Fruit Salad
by Faiza
Starting the meal with a light Soya Keema Kanji which is a vegetarian option for minced meat, again it's a type of porridge made with lentils, rice and soya.
To accompany the kanji we have a nice spicy Batata Vada made with cooked and mashed potatoes dipped in besan batter and deep fried.
For main we have Sprouted Moong Parathas, the addition of sprouts makes the normal parathas much more healthier which is accompanied with a aromatic Lemony Coriander Chicken
For dessert we have Rich Nuts and Strawberry dessert made with milk, condensed milk  and a mix of exotic fruits will keep you satisfied.
Day 13
Starter - Veg Sweet
Corn Soup
by Sanyukta
Starter - Sweet and
Spicy Egg Toast
by Sanyukta
Main -Saffron Pineapple Rice
by Sanyukta
Dessert - Jelly with Ice
by Deepa
For starter we have very light and hearty soup, Veg Sweet Corn Soup.
The second starter here is Spicy egg toast made with different filling.
For Main we have Saffron Pineapple rice flavoured with Thai curry paste.
For dessert we have all time kid's and grown ups favourite Jelly with Ice cream

Day 14
Starter - Fenugreek
Leaves Soup
by Krishnaveni
Starter - Babycorn
by Jay
Main - Garlic and
Paneer rolls
by Sushma Mallya
Dessert-Fruit and Nut
by Nithu Bala
For starter we have Fenugreek soup which cools down your system.
Our second starter is a crispy and spicy Baby corn Fry
For main we have Garlic and Paneer rolls, tortillas or chapathi's filled with veggies, paneer and hot garlic sauce.
For dessert Fruit and Nut dessert made with a selection of fresh fruits and nut.

Day 15
Starter - Keerai Kanji
by Asiya
Starter - Sprouted
Green Gram Pakoda
y Usha Nandini
by Nithu Bala
Main - Madras
Mutton Briyani
by Priya
Dessert - Pineapple
by Priya
For starter Keerai Kanji, a special South Indian Porridge made with rice, lentils and vegetables.
To accompany the kanji we have a Sprouted green gram pakoda made  with green gram and besan flour which is deepfried in oil.
Suzhiyan is another South Indian delicacy made with chanadhal, coconut and jaggery which is then deep fried
by dipping in a batter.
For main Madras Mutton Briyani, which doesn't need any introduction, since all over the world briyani has become very popular .
For dessert Pinaepple granita, a very fruity and cooling dessert.

Day 16

Starter - Corn and
Vegetable Salad
by Akheela
Starter -Cherry
Milk Shake
by Umm Mymoonah
Main - Ragi Idiyappam
with Coconut Milk
Main- Salna
by Menaga
Main-Fish Fry
by Shama
Dessert-Carrot&Malai Kulfi
by Sathya
Starter is a crunchy and hearty Corn and Vegetable salad.
We also have cherry milkshake made with cherries and milk
Main is Ragi Idiyappam, a type of string hoppers made with ragi flour.
To accompany the Idiyappam we have salna a gravy made with a blend of Indian spices, which is normally served in restaurants.
We also have  Fish Fry to accompany the main, which is been fried with hot and spicy masalas.
For dessert Carrot and Malai kulfi with rich nuts on top.

Day 17
Starter - Kaara
Boondi Raita
by Asiya Omar
Starter -Kozhukattai
by Suhaina
Main - Chicken Briyani
by Nidhya
Dessert- Moong Dhal
by Nithu Bala

Kaara Boondi raita, is a tiny fritters which is soaked in yogurt with a addition of vegetables.
Kozhukattai is a sweet rice dumplings filled with sweet coconut filling and then steamed to cook.
Chicken Briyani I guess it doesn't need any introduction.
Moong dhal payasam is made with whole moong beans and milk.

Day 18
Starter - Grape
by Suhaina
StarterEgg Puff
by Suhaina
Main - Kothu Parota
by Suhaina
Main - Mutton Fry
by Suhaina
Coconut Pudding
by Suhaina
To start the meal we have grape juice which reduces the fat level in your body.
Then we have a starter of Egg puff made with puff pastry with a egg filling.
Kothu parota is made with parathas teared into pieces and stir fried with eggs and sometimes vegetables.
To accompany it we have a spicy mutton fry.
For dessert we have Tender Coconut Pudding,  pudding made with tender coconut which is also a very cooling dessert indeed.

Day 19
Starter - Masala
by Suhaina
by Suhaina
Main Garlic Rolls
by Suhaina
Main - Mamak
Chicken Curry
by Suhaina
Dessert - Mango
by Nithu Bala
Masala Kanji is a porridge made with rice and lentils, mildly spiced which is served during Iftar.
Vegetable cutlets are a mixture of cooked and mashed vegetables rolled in breadcrumbs and fried or baked until crispy.
Garlic rolls are nothing but swirls of bread applied with garlic butter and baked , which oozes out with garlic butter and fills your home with the aroma of roasted garlic.
Mamak Chicken curry is a Malaysian or Singapore style chicken curry flavoured with lemon grass and Malaysian curry powder.
For dessert we have this delicious mango dessert, made with  flavourful mango puree.

Day 20
Starter - Banana
by Suhaina
Main - Appam
by Suhaina
Main- Naadan
Chicken Curry
by Suhaina

Dessert- Strawberry
Trifle Pudding
by Siva Priya

Banana stew is a traditional Indian Kerala dish made with ripe banana, rice flour, coconut and flavoured with cardamom.
Appam is again  an Indian Kerala dish  made with  raw rice and coconut grounded to make a batter which is allowed to fermented, then made as appams in a special pan.
Naadan chicken curry  is made in a traditional clay pot with a blend of aromatic Indian spices.
For dessert Strawberry Trifle pudding made with layers of cream, sponge cake and fresh fruits.

Hope you all enjoyed the Iftar Moments Hijri 1431- Roundup 2, this is not finished we have more exciting recipes on the way, which has more than 60 different varieties of sweets and the last 10 day menu with many delicacies.
 So if you haven't seen your recipe in this roundup please don't worry, it's on the way. Stay connected....


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