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Iftar Moments Hijri 1431: Roundup 3

Hi Everyone,

  Finally after a long time Iftar Moments: Roundup 3 and the final roundup of this event is online. I don't want to drag you guys any longer with this roundup so I made this a bit long one, so please take your time to go through each and every dish individually. Initially I said it was over 200 entries, but I received a few entries after the event closed, including those entries it exceeded to more than 260 entries. I'm overwhelmed with your responses, my sincere thanks to each and everyone who participated in this event. Everyone who took part in this event are always special to me, so I give everyone this Special Award with your name in it which you'll receive via mail.
  Okay have I forgotten something, nooo I remember the winner... The winner will be announced two days later:-)
  I wish I could more gifts for the participants, but this time it's for only one. Next time may be I'll get some sponsors to increase the number of gifts. Yes Insha allah I have decided to have this event as a annual one for every Ramadhan with all your love and support.
  Right let's go to the roundup now, in this roundup we have 1 Party Menu, the last 10 days menu. Apart from having 30 days menu structure, I have also classified few maincourse, starter separately., each and every dish is different so please take your time to go through every recipe individually.
  Last but not least we have a very fabulous collection of sweets, from traditional to new creative ones. This sweet collection will be more than enough as a reference for Eid or any special occasion.
Let's go to the roundup now.....
Party Iftar Menu:3

Day 21

 Chethi Roti
by Sathya
in a glass
by Reshmi Ahmed
Main- Mixed Spicy Rice
With Sprouts
by Priya Mitharwal

Main- Chicken
by Suhaina
Dessert- Beetroot
by Nithu Bala
Sago Roti is a Handmade Pancake made with Sago, chickpea flour and Rice flour.
This simple Watermelon in a glass will refresh you after a long hectic day.
This Mixed Spicy Rice with Sprouts is packed full of nutrients and flavours with the addition of all mixed sprouts and spices.
Just the look of this aromatic Chicken Fry will make your mouth water.
This Colourful Beetroot Kheer` is delicious and cooling to finish off your meal.
Day 22
Starter- Oats and
Sago Kanji
by Umm Mymoonah
Starter- Makai
and Paneer Pakoda
by Priya Mitharwal
Main- Vegetable
by girlichef
by Charitha
Dessert- Bread pudding
by Akheela
Oats and Sago Kanji made with Oats and Sago with mild spices is a very mild soup to start your meal.
This unusual combination of Makai Paneer Pakoda made with Sweet Corn and Paneer is very crispy and full of flavours.
This Vegetable Briyani made with a healthy collection of vegetables will make it a perfect meal of the day.
Bhagara Baingan is a spicy curry made with Brinjals which is a perfect combination for Briyani
For dessert we have a  simple and elegant Bread Pudding made with slices of white bread, raisins which is also flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon.
Day 23
Starter- Sprouted
Moong Patties
by Priya Mitharwal
Main-Egg Briyani
by Jay
Main- Chettinad Chicken
by Jay
Dessert- Tricolour
Agar Agar
by Jaleela Kamel
A very healthy Moong patties made with sprouted moong beans.
For main we have a yummy combination of Egg Briyani and Chettinad chicken. Chettinad is a region in South Indian, Chettinad Cuisine is known for it's specially ground masalas.
For dessert we have a very light and colourful agar agar, which is a type of pudding made with agar agar(China grass)

Day 24
by Reshmi Ahmed
Main-Potato Bread
by Reshmi Ahmed
Main- Lamb
by Reshmi Ahmed
Dessert- Qubani Ka
by Priya Srinivasan
Ezogelin Soup is a common Turkish Soup made with Bulgur and Lentils.
This Potato bread made with mashed potato gives it a much more softer texture than normal breads.
Lamb Goulash is a Hungarian thick stew made with a selection of fresh vegetables, lamb and herbs.
This glossy, shiny and rich Qubani Ka Meetha is made with dried apricots, almonds and flavoured with cardamom.
Day 25
Starter- Stuffed
Poppadum Cones
by Deepa
Starter- Energy
 Giving Green
by Umm Mymoonah

by Suhaina
Main- Kethal 
by Suhaina
Dessert-Banana Parfait
by Umm Mymoonah

For starter we have this wonderful Stuffed Poppadum Cones which is made with poppadums and stuffed with all healthy ingredients.
Energy giving green is green is made with all immunity builder and iron rich ingredients.
Kerala parota are soft and flaky which is very popular in Kerala and Tamilnadu.
Kethal Chicken is a spicy South Indian Chicken flavoured with chilli and fennel.
This unique Banana Parfait is madew low fat by using layers of yogurt and bananas.
Day 26

Starter- Khaman
by Sukunya
Starter- Egg Boats
and Tomato boats
by Nivedita
Main-Fenugreek Leaves
and Black eye pea
Sprouts Rice
by Krishnaveni
Main-Aloo Ghost
Ka Salan
by Reshmi Ahmed
Dessert- Poha and
Dates Payasam
by Nithu Bala

Khaman Dhokla is a Gujarat delicacy made with besan flour, semolina and spices.
Egg boats and Tomato boats are made with spicy and flavourful egg filling and cheese filling.
Fenugreek leaves and black eyepea sprouts rice is a packfull of healthy rice for a perfect meal.
To accompany the rice we have a very popular Indian spicy Aloo Ghost Ka Salaan.
For dessert again a healthy and sugarless poha and dates payasam.

Day 27
Milk Shake
by Suhaina
Starter- Sabudana
by Sanyukta
Main- Chicken Dum
by Suhaina
Dessert- Sheer
Usha Nandini

Energetic and healthy avocado milkshake made with avocados and milk.
For starter we have Sabudana cutlets made with sago and mashed potatoes.
Main is Chicken Dum Briyani with full of flavours.
For dessert Sheer Kurma made with vermicilli, milk and rich fruits and nuts.

Day 28
by Umm Mymoonah
Mini Idli
by Krishnaveni
Main-Carrot and
Paneer Paratha
by Umm Mymoonah
by Reshmi Ahmed
Dessert-Fruit Salad
With Ice cream
by Umm Mymoonah
Melon Surprise is a combination of fresh melons. 
For starter we have this very cute looking mini  Idli's with Sambhar
For main Carrot and Paneer Paratha filled with carrot and paneer( Indian Cottage Cheese)  filling.
To accompany the parathas we have a slow cooked Moroccan Tajine.
For dessert Fruit Salad with Ice cream with a selection of  fresh fruits and Ice cream.

Day 29
Starter- Sprouted
Moong Salad
by Priya Mitharwal
Main-Green Gram
by Nandini
Main- Mutton Curry
by Suhaina
Main-Vada Curry
by Menaga
Dessert-Kaala Jamun
by PJ
To start with a fresh and crunchy Sprouted Moong Salad.
For Main we have a healthy Green Gram Dosai, An Indian Style Pancake made with Moong beans.
To accompany the dosa we have spicy Mutton Curry and Vada curry.
For dessert we have a very special Indian sweet Kaala Jamun,  fried dumplings made with khoya and soaked in sugar syrup.

Day 30
Starter- Sago Vadai
by Priya
by Shankar Lavanya
Main-Mixed Sprouts
and Fenugreek leaves
by Priya Mitharwal

Main- Moroccon
by Reshmi Ahmed

byNithu Bala

For starter we have Crispy Sago Vadai made with sago, mashed potatoes, peanuts and spices.

For main we have a mild spiced Channa Briyani made with chick peas.
To accompany the Briyani we have a healthy Mixed  Sprouts and Fenugreek leaves curry and Moroccan Harira made with chicken and chickpeas.
For dessert we have Vermicilli payasam made with milk and vermicilli.


1.Beetrootparty Sandwich by Akheela
2.Buckwheat Colocassia Dosa by Pari
3.Couscouswrap by Pari
4.Honeyroasted Cashewnuts by Vidhu's Kitchen
5.Yogurt Soup by Creative Sanyukta
6.Curried Chicken Pizza by Suhaina
7.Raw Banana Chips by Vidhu's Kitchen
8.Sprouted Moong rava upma by Nandini
9.Salsa with biscuits by Vidhu's Kitchen
10.Sweetcornsoup by Supriya
11.Mushroom And Paneer Stuffed Garlic Loaf by Sushma
12.Tawa Paneer by Nivedita


1.Ambur Briyani by Jaleela
2.Bulgur Pilavi by Reshmi Ahmed
3.Chicken Fried Rice by Suhaina
4.Mutton Briyani by Suhaina
5.Fish Briyani by Suhaina
6.Hyderabad Briyani by Supriya
7.Malabar Mutton Briyani by Fajeeda
8.Flavourful Chicken Briyani by Creative Sanyukta
9.Sweetcorn and Soya chunks Rice by Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
10.Sprouted Kaala Channa Rice by Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
11.Veg Pulav by Suhaina
12.Egg noodles by Suhaina
13.Vermicilli Upma by Lavanya
14.Couscous by Suhaina
15.Oats and Kasuri Methi Upma by Krishnaveni
16.Bhatura by Suhaina
17.Aloo Methi Paratha by Sayantani
18.Stuffed Sprouted Green Gram Paratha by Vidhu's Kitchen
19.Orotty by Suhaina
20.Carrot Paratha by Creative Sanyukta

1.Dosa by Suhaina
2.Venthaya Dosa by Nithu Bala
3.Peas Aloo Masala Dosa by Nithu Bala
4.Rava Dosa by Nithu Bala
5.Kollu Dosa by Nithu Bala
6.Mini Coulourful Dosa by Nithu bala
7.Set Dosa with Vada Curry by Nithu Bala
8.Idli and Chutney by Shama
9.Idli by Nithu Bala
10.Idli by Suhaina
11.Ragi Idli by Nithu Bala
12.Kollu Idli by Nithu Bala
13.Fried Masala Idli by Nithu Bala
14.Sweet Idli by Nithu bala
15.Garlic podi Idly by Nithu Bala.
16.Chicken and tortilla wrap by Sayantani
17.Madras Chicken Briyani by Sukunya
18.Coconut Idiyappam by Nithu Bala
19.Sweet Ragi Idypam by Nithu bala
20.Whole green Moong Idiyappam by Nithu Bala.


1.Achari Aloo by Aipi
2.Butter Chicken by Creative Sanyukta
3. Cabbage and Drumstick leaves Stirfry by Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
4. Channa Masala by Suhaina
5.Chilli Paneer by Aipi
6.Fish Fingers by Jay
7.Fish Fry by Sangeetha
8.Fish Fry by Shama
9.Fish Fry by Suhaina
10.Fish Roast by Suhaina
11.Go green with chicken by Sanyukta
12.Kadala curry by Suhaina
13. Karemeen pappas by Suhaina
14.Lauki Dhal by Denny

1.Mugachaya ghathi by Varadha Sharma

2.Paneer masala by Suhaina
3.Paripu kulambu by Suhaina
4.Potato curry by Fajeedha
5.Salmon Steak Fry by Pavani
6. Sambhar by Suhaina
7.Shahi Zuccini bhartha by Denny
8.Simple spicy chilli chicken by Sangeetha
9.Sothi Kulambu by Vidhu's kitchen
10.Spinach Fry by Remya Pradeep
11.Tangy Tomato chutney by creative Sanyukta
12.Tomato soup by Supriya
13.Tomato Thokku by Denny
14.Veg Kurma by Suhaina
15.Masoor dhal curry by Suhaina.

1.Chicken Roast by Fajeeda
2.Beef Curry by Fajeeda
Sweet Indulgences- Special Sweets for Eid or any special occasion

We have various exotic sweets from different creative food bloggers in this section. This wide range of sweet collection from traditional to new innovative sweets can be used for on the special occasion for Eid or any other special occasion. Take your time to go through each and every sweet individually.

1.Aate Ka Halwa by Priya Mitharwal

2.Bread Halwa by Priya Mitharwal
3.Corn Pudding by Priya Mitharwal
4.Pineapple Kesari by Priya Mitharwal
5.Sooji Ka Halwa by Priya Mitharwal
6.Wholewheat and Apple Halwa by Priya Mitharwal
7.Asoka Halwa by Nithu Bala
8.Beetroot Halwa by Nithu Bala
9.Mixed Fruits and Bread Halwa by Nithu Bala
10.Rice Halwa by Nithu Bala
11.Sooji Halwa by Nithu Bala
12.Tapioco and Cassava Halwa by Nithu Bala
13.Carrot and Bread Halwa by Nithu Bala
14.Banana Halwa by Suhaina
15.Bread Badam Halwa by Denny
16.Carrot Halwa by Pavani
17.Cornflakes Halwa by Faiza Kader
18.Sago Halwa by Sathya
19.Watermelon Halwa by Kiran.

Pedas, Burfis and Ladoos

1.Chocolate Peda by Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
2.Milk and Chocolate Peda by Nivedita.
3.Mixed Nut Peda by Asha of Flavours Of South India
4.Oats and Dates Peda by Vidhu's Kitchen
5.Poha Ladoo by Nithu Bala
6.Kaju Katli by Nithu Bala
7.Aval Kesari by Nithu Bala
8.Besan Ladoo by Nithu Bala
9.Coconut Burfi by Nithu Bala
10.Boondi ladoo by Asha of Flavours Of South India
11.Orappam by Suja
12.Coconut Ladoo by Deepa
13.Rice and Jaggery Snack by Akheela of Torview

Other Sweets And Desserts

1.Almond London by Suhaina
2.Barley Payasam by Vidhu's Kitchen
3.Bottlegourd Halwa by Supriya
4.Bread Gulab Jamun by Nithu Bala
5.Gulab Jamun by Nithu Bala
6.Gulab Jamun by Jay
7.Gulab Jamun by Sara's Corner
8.Paal Kozhukattai by Nithu Bala
9.Jilebi by Suhaina
10.Pista Falooda Kulfi by Aipi
11.Mango Ice Cream by Nayna
12.Mango Ice Cream by Sayantani
13.Musk Melon Dessert by Supriya
14.Chocolate Mousse by Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
15.Pista Kulfi by Suhaina

Cakes And Bakes

1.Apple and Coconut Muffin by Fajeeda
2.Banana and Walnut Cake by Suhaina
3.Mini Oats and Barley delights by Krishnaveni
4.Cherry Cake by Sathya
5.Chocolate Cake by Suhaina
6.Citrus Cake by Reshmi Ahmed
7.Eggless Carrot Cake by Nandini
8.Fresh Strawberry Cake by Suhaina
9.Plaited Prune Bread by Maya and Lakshmi
10.Vegan Apple Muffin by Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes

Hope you all had a great time in participating in this event and roundup. I cared a lot that I should not miss any of your recipes, if something is left out it's by mistake, please let me know immediately so that I can make the changes.

 Most of might have a blessed and peaceful Ramadhan by the grace of God, but people in some parts of the world are suffering a lot, please them in your prayers. May God make it easy for them.


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Pavani said...

hi ayeesha,

There was in mistake in our roundup-3 od Iftar,in side dish, i have prepared steak fish fry but u wrote it by sngeeth.. check it once

Pavani said...

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