Sunday, December 12, 2010

Any One Can Cook : Series 7

Hi Everyone,
  Any One Can Cook is back again after a long break. Hope to have your support and delicious recipes as always. To view the details about the event and the previous series click here.
If you experience any problem in linking your recipe, mail me your recipe url at  or leave a comment below this post with your recipe url.

Just remember a few rules before linking your recipe, your recipe should fall under any one of the following categories. When you are linking your recipe here, please give the short form as I have mentioned to make it easy for the readers.
For Beginners- FB
With Less Ingredients- WLI
With Minimum amount of time- WMT

The link will be opened from Monday- Friday, so common let's make cooking easy....


Shobha said...

Lovely event and I will soon link some posts.

Ayeesha, you have been tagged. See my post "I am Tagged" and answer the same questions.

Unknown said...

that sounds like a great event. will surely try to participate.

R said...

came to know about this nice little event very recently, just sent in my maiden entry.

s said...

great event..will link to it soon.

Padhu Sankar said...

Sure to participate in this event


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