Sunday, September 4, 2011

7 links to look back my past in blogging and some wonderful awards

I have lots and lots of wonderful awards which are still lying in drafts, my apologies again to all dear bloggers who gave me those awards.  Now a new game is been started by bloggers to refresh all our blogging memories.  I have been tagged in this game by Schmetterling Words and Tasty Treat.  Thank you dearies for tagging me in this game.  Anybody who is tagged in this game should write the following about their blog

  1. The most beautiful post
  2. The most popular post
  3. The most controversial post
  4. The most helpful post
  5. The post that was suprisingly successfull
  6. The post that did not get the attention it deserved
  7. The post that I'm most proud of
1.Coming to my posts, the most beautiful post is Rose Apple Muffin, suprsingly this was beautiful and it had some good feedback from the viewers too.

2. The most popular post is Croissants, this was a big hit till now.  It has the maximum number of pageviews till now.

3. The most controversial post-  I don't think there is any
4. The most helpful post,  I would say all my version of Instant Idli's, particularly this Polenta idli.  This Instant Idli's comes to my mind first, when I feel lay and don't want to cook.  It also helped some of my friends and readers too.

5. The post that was suprisingly successfull-  Ragi and Banana Muffin, I din't expect this recipe would be hit but suprisingly it received more than 1000 pageviews in less than 10 minutes.  I couldn't beleive when I saw the stastics in bloggers, I thought something must have went wrong.  Then I knew that one of my good blogger friend has stumbled it.

6. The post that did not get the attention it deserved- I can point most of the recipes in early days of my blogging,  Eat Well, Live Well roundup.  I wanted to have some healthy recipe event, but I don't think it reached the reader's well.  I'll continue this event again , once  I  feel relaxed and have some time.
7. The post I'm most proud of-  Orange and Almond Sponge.  I'm happy about this post ( by the grace of god), since it won first place in Manjula's Cooking Contest.

Now to continue this fun filled memories, I'm tagging the following bloggers
1. Farwin
2. Junia
3. Menaga
4. Veena Krishnakumar
5. Shailini
6. Sweet Artichoke
7. Biny's Recipes

Now coming to the awards which I received in the past , Biny Anoop has chosen me to give me this Innovative blogger award.  I feel so honured Biny to receive this award from you thank you so much, really I was jumping up and high when I saw this post on her blog.
Next up the following awards are passed by these wonderful bloggers  Nash, Vimitha, Sweet Artichoke, Jabeen, Rinku Naveen.  Forgive me if I have left any of your awards, dosen't mean that I have ignored your award, it's just my poor memory.  So please leave a not if I have left your award.  Again thanks a lot for each and everyone who remembered me and passed me all these most valuable awards.


schmetterlingwords said...

Congratulations on your awards... And, that was a wonderful recollection. I find many of your posts very useful dear... I know, it is difficult to choose one for each category. Hope you start the Eat well, Live well event again :)

Julie said...

Wow.. Lovely collection of recipes..mouthwatering ones!!
Congrats on your awards too..

Nandita SS said...

Congrats on your Awards. You trully deserve these. Nice to read about all your earlier posts. All in all a great post indeed :)

Kim said...

beautiful round up of recipes. i love that first post with the apple decorated cupcakes! wht a beauty! thanks for the link up! :D

Radhika said...

Congrats on your awards and I too loved your rose muffins very much. They are quite a beauty.

fajeeda said...

Congrats on ur awards and u really deserve these............lovely recollection.......

Blackswan said...

Hey, congrats! Something u truly deserve :)

Sweet Artichoke said...

Congratulations on your awards, dear! Your blog is a real beautiful treasure: I love your recipes and your great pictures!
Thanks so much for sharing the awards with me :-)

Suchitra Vaidyaram said...

congrats and you have a great space with mouth watering recipes :)

Prathima Rao said...

Congrats on ur well deserved awards!!! And thats a wonderful medley of mouthwatering recipes...
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Rumana Rawat said...

Wow!!!!Lovely collection of recipes..mouthwatering ones!!
Congrats on your awards too..

lena said...

yes, your rose apple muffins are really beautiful and your croissant, i remember that too!!

Archana said...

Congrats on ur awards. Lovely collection of recipes.

Do check out my event and send me your entries.

That Girl said...

Such a fun post to read.


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