Monday, December 7, 2009

Choc Almond Rolls

The actual recipe from Yasmeen Healthnut was Choc Pistachios Rolls since i din,t have any pistachios i used ground almonds and it was not bad.
Ricotta cheese- 1 cup
Milk Powder- 1 1/2 cup
Icing Sugar- 1/4 cup
Ground Almonds- 1 tbsp
Cocoa powder-2 tsp
Combine the ricotta cheese and milk powder in a microwave safe bowl and mix it well without any lumps . Microwave it for 2 mins take it out and stir well. Again microwave it for 2 mins and stir it well, if it is thick and lumpy stop at this stage or microwave it again for 1 minute.
Now mix the icing sugar with this mixture and microwave it for 2 minutes and mix it well.If it is dry stop at this stage or microwave it again for 1 minute until it is dry.
Leave it to cool down for a while , divide the mixture into half, with one half add cocoa powder and knead it well like a dough, with the other half add the ground almonds and mix it well.
Roll out the cocoa dough like a cylinder in a baking paper and flatten it, roll out the almond dough like a cylinder and place it in the middle of the cocoa,take the baking paper and close the cylinder and leave it for a while ,remove the paper and cut into pieces.

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